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D365FO Refresh Database BACPAC-BAK Tier2,3,4 or Production to Tier1 Development (Cloud or VHD)

1. Open as Administrator PowerShell

Install if not installed

Install-Module -Name


2. Restore database BACKPAC

import-D365Bacpac -ImportModeTier1 -BacpacFile "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\AxDB.bacpac" -NewDatabaseName "AxDB_New" -ShowOriginalProgress

3. Stop environment


4. Switch databases

 Switch-D365ActiveDatabase -SourceDatabaseName "AxDB_New" -DestinationSuffix "_old"

Where _old is postfix for currently used AxDB, it will be called AxDB_old

5. Start environment

In powershell


5. Sync database

Dynamics 365 / Synchronize database…

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