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Enable / allowEdit of datasource field on a listPage (ListPageInteraction class)

Control Datasource of ListPage form through ListPageInteractionClass

public class ATOSMRListPageInteraction extends ListPageInteraction

    /// <summary>
    /// </summary>
    public void selectionChanged()
        ATOSMRTable atosMRTable = this.listPage().activeRecord(queryDatasourceStr(ATOSMRTableListPage,ATOSMRTable));
        FormDataSource ATOSMRTable_ds = this.listPage().activeRecord(queryDatasourceStr(ATOSMRTableListPage,ATOSMRTable)).datasource();
        ATOSMRTable_ds.allowDelete(atosMRTable.ATOSMRStatus == ATOSMRStatusBase::Draft);

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