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Dynamics 365 F&O Export Import projects between environments

Sometimes, the developer needs to use the previous development in other projects, so To transfer elements to a different installation, you can use a project package file.

to use a project package file , just export project 
1-Export project

Right-click on your project and click export

set name and select the path that you need to save

A project package contains all the elements from the project.

 Project package files have the .axpp file name extension.

just wait until export finish

2-import project

To use the contents of a project package file, you must import the .axpp file into an installation.
go to dynamics 365 tab in visual studio and click import 

The elements from the project package file will be imported into the same model that they were exported from. If that model doesn’t exist in the installation, it will be created during the import process.

you can check this link for more details.

specify the location for project file that you need to import and click overwrite if you need to overwrite the existing element

also, you can open this project in the current solution or create new if you need

you can select all elements or specific element form details, just check or uncheck

click OK

click ok to reload

also, the built must be stopped before the project can be closed

you can stop built from the built tab and click cancel

you can view history to compare the previous version and checked in version to see the difference.

just right click on your element and click view history


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