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How to create menu and menu item in dynamics 365?

to display any menu Dynamics 365, you need to create a menu item  as the following 

create a project and add a new item, select user interface from dynamics 365 items as the below 

as you see, there are multiple items items 
output menu item for reports 
display menu item for forms
action menu item for class 
select display menu item and set name, click add
set the label (this label will display for users)  and select object type form 
select the object custgroup for example 
save and build your solution 
Now, we need to create menu for this menu item 
as the same, just right click on your project and add a new item 
select user interface from dynamics 365 items and choose menu as the below 
set name and click add
set label for this menu and select menu item type form 
locate your menu item name  as the below 

you configure it for specific countries by setting country region code

select the menu item, menu item type, and label

create an extension from a menu like accounts recivable as the below 

add sub menu for your main menu

set properties for this menu

then build your project and refresh your browser to see changes.

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